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Teatr Figur Kraków performs in Zagreb

'Artistic Handicraft' goes to Zagreb! On September 13th TFK will perform this show as a part of 46th International Puppet Theatre Festival PIF. This is another travel of this performance - and very first trip of TFK to Croatia.

Feel free to join us if you'll be in neighborhood on 13th September, 5pm!

"Billy Fog", part two

We don't write a lot because since February we rehearse a new show by Mateusz Przyłęcki "Billy Fog". And that means we are sitting in darkness slowly going towards the light. Below a small manifestation of 'trouble sight'.

Performance of Teatr Kraków on Revolutions! International Theatre Festival in Albuquerque, NM (USA)

‘Artistic Handicraft’ by Teatr Figur Kraków will be performed on 13th Revolutions! International Theatre Festival in Albuquerque, NM (United States0 at the invitation of the international Tricklock Company. Teatr Figur Kraków will perform along with companies from Denmark, Switzerland, Mexico, Italy, UK and Australia as well as several U.S. states. After the presentations on the Festival show will run a short tour of the pueblos of Native Americans, where it will be presented in front of this special audience.

This is the 3rd visit of Teatr Figur Kraków on Revolutions! in USA. In 2008, the festival audience saw the award-winning performance ‘Crime and Punishment by Heinrich Hoffmann’ and ‘The Smell of the Elephants after the Rain’. In 2010 we performed ‘Our City/Nasze miasto’ - enthusiastically received performance which was the result of international coproduction of Tricklock Company with TFK, combining suggestive elements of physical theater with a deep knowledge of shadow and puppet theater.

During the three weeks of the festival (Jan 15th – Feb 2nd) the audience has the opportunity to participate in numerous artistic events, offering the most progressive section of exciting and unique artists from all over the world. This is the assumption of the organizers of Revolutions! International Theatre Festival – to contact artists seeking their own ways, methods and languages in a variety of forms of theater; clash of artists of different traditions for understanding the changes in culture manifested in art with unconventional solutions.

We encourage you to look at the promotional video of the 10th edition of Revolutions! (took place in 2010) with TFK’s artists: 2010 Revolutions Promo

Visit also the website of Revolutions! International Theatre Festival -

‘The Smell of the Elephants after the Rain’ presented on International Shadow Theatre Festival in Germany.

On October 17th ‘The Smell of the Elephants after the Rain’, performance of Teatr Figur Kraków, was presented during 9th edition of International Shadow Theatre Festival (Internationales Schatten Theater Festival) that takes place in Schwäbisch Gmünd (Germany).

Festival is organised by International Shadow Theatre Center (ISZ–Internationales Schattentheater Zentrum) which is the only one in the world institution interested in development an familiarization of contemporary shadow theatre.

In an atmosphere of the festival, atmosphere that became legendary, every three years meet artists from Brasil, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Germany and other countries..

Learn more:

4Theatres / 4Themes / 4Tales / 4Times – Teatr Figur Kraków on 4TOGETHER Festival

‘Paramisa?’ performance (coproduction between TFK and Tetraedr Theatre from Racibórz, Poland) will be presented on September 22nd in Brno (Czech Republic) during 4TOGETHER Festival as a part of ‘4Theatres, 4Themes, 4Tales, 4Times’ project (supported by International Visegrad Fund).

In the frames of this project four independent companies from Visegrad Group Countries (Buranteatr, Na Perone, Teatr Figur Kraków, Metanoia) attended to subjects such as national heroes, myths and national identity. 4TOGETHER Festival presents results of work of the companies.

‘Dziady’ by Adam Mickiewicz will be presented by Czech company. Slovaks will tell story of Maciej Korwin, Hungarian People’s hero. Hungarian will perform street show and kind of game based on texts of Comenius and Jan Hus. TFK in it’s shadow performance was inspired byfairy tales and songs of Roma People from Slovak Republic.

Learn more:,

Autumn in Teatr Figur Kraków – intense beginning of new season

We start a new season in Teatr Figur Kraków intensively. A lot of work before us during incoming weeks: travels abroad and domestic, participation in some theatre projects, visiting festivals and celebration of 5th anniversary of TFK!

Here’s short timetable of incoming events:


22nd: Brno (Czech Republic) – ‘Paramisa?’, shadow show coproduced with Tetraedr theatre (4TOGETHER project) – world premiere.

28th: Breclav (Czech Repulic) – presentation of ‘Impressions’ shadow performance.


17th: Schwäbisch Gmünd (Germany) – ‘The Smell of the Elephants after the Rain’ in International Shadow Theatre Festival.

23rd: Kalisz (Poland) – presentation of ‘Mr. Feather – Head over Heels in Love’ and a set of workshops.

26th-28th: celebration of 5th anniversary of TFK and new premiere, ‘Mglisty Billy’.


3rd-5th: Washington DC (USA) – presentations of ‘Artistic Handicraft’ during Euro Kids Festival

8th-12th: Moscow (Russia) – presentations of ‘Artistic Handicraft’ and ‘Misty Billy’ and sets of workshops in Masterskaya Theatre in the frames of ‘Week of TFK in Moscow’.

New show !

We started rehearsals for a new show!

Premiere in autumn!

Director - Krzysztof Zemło

Scenography - Ewa Zemło

Watch the gallery on our FB profile:

Workshops in Slovenia

On July 14th in South West Slovenia Histeria Festival finished. During the Festival Dagmara Żabska, Artistic Director of Teatr Figur Kraków, leaded shadow theatre techniques workshops.

More about the Festival:


Teatr Figur Kraków is looking for volunteers – ‘Lato w Teatrze’ (‘Summer in Theatre’) project

Teatr Figur Kraków for the third time has been appreciated by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Zbigniew Raszewski Theatrical Institute and invited to participate in ‘Lato w Teatrze’ (‘Summer in Theatre’) project

We are looking for volunteers who will get involved in this cultural event, who like to spend their time in a creative way – and who are interested in each and any theatrical issue.

When participating you may get fresh experiences in an excellent atmosphere, gain valuable recommendations and take part in unusual activity – theatre full of passion.

When: August 16th – September 1st, Mon-Fri, 10 am – 3 pm.

Where: Cultural Center in Nowa Huta, os. Dywizjonu 303 no. 1

Contact: Małgorzata Kościelska,, mobile: +48 692 694 928

Check photo galleries from previous edition of ‘Lato w Teatrze’ (‘Summer in Theatre’) by Teatr Figur Kraków: Gallery 1 Gallery 2

Read more about the project here: Holiday in the theatre!

European tour of ‘Impressions’ performance

Teatr Figur Kraków had started it’s international tournée with ‘Impresions’ performance. Tournée is part of project ‘Looking into Future – West Lesser Poland Uses European Chance”. The city we’ve visited as a first one was Isny im Allgäu (Germany) where the show was performed as a part of Kinder und Heimatfest Festival..

That Festival (started in 17th century) assembling about 7000 people every year. It presents mostly regional folk culture, refers to tradition and history. Teatr Figur Kraków was one of three Polish components in Isny this year. There was a presentation and tasting of some specialties of the cuisine of Lesser Poland region as well as an orchestra from Andrychów city (Andrychów is a sister city of Isny im Allgäu).

The audience in Kurhaus am Park Cultural Centre was delighted: people admitted they’ve never seen shadow show before ‘Impressions’. Rainer Magenreuter, the mayor of Isny im Allgäu had officially thanked to the Polish artists.

During whole project (two years long tour) ‘Impressions’ will be presented among others in Italy, Czech Republic, Latvia and Netherlands.

Learn more about Kinder und Heimatfest Festival here:

Watch the gallery on our FB profile: