The Robot and the Butterfly

The Robot and the Butterfly is produced in the paper technique and is addressed to preschool-aged spectators. Creativity is the main theme of the performance. What can be done using an ordinary sheet of paper? Here, paper is used as the inspiration, a guide, a source of ideas. The performance was prepared together with the children from Kangurowe Przedszkole (the Kangaroo Kindergarten) in Kraków.

  • Locations : Touring in Poland and abroad
  • Age Group : 4-6 years
  • Duration : 40 Minutes


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This performance is available for touring. Contact producer Anna Mastaj: figurki@teatrfigur.pl

PREMIERA 13.12. 2015, Kraków

direction: Dagmara Żabska

scenography: Beata Klimkowska

music: Andrzej Bonarek

cast: Tadeusz Dylawerski. Mateusz Wróbel

production: Marta Hankus