In the summer, stay in the shadows

This summer is going to be full of cool stuff :)

We begin with this year edition of Summer in the theater—in Czaplinek, Northern Poland.

We will tell made-up stories, juggle with words and objects, make new adventure each day, look at ourselves in a distorting mirror, create brand new worlds and deal anyone an amazing hand of cards.
And in the end we are going to give you a tour of our discoveries.

Just like in real circus.

Our instructors will support SiTh edition in Sułkowice, Lesser Poland hosted by Fundacja Pro Futuro.
We will cast our long shadows over the whole place 🙂

Dagmara Żabska and Agnieszka Polańska will travel to Nuremberg, and Denmark. In this time they will create—in cooperation with six European theaters—the final show for the project I will be everything.

The premiere is scheduled for September. Can’t miss it, director is Alex Byrne (NIE Theatre)himself!

Neither you should miss our summer shows.