I will be everything, the new production

An international project working locally in schools and communities across Europe to tell the story of the future in 50 years time, through the eyes of children. Young people have become the storytellers and futurologists of their local community. How will they imagine the future of their neighbourhood and their city?

in fifty years time
world is a magical place
animals will speak
and humans will be able to fly

We gathered inspiration for this show for almost a year with 3,5 thousands kids from seven countries being our experts. The starting point for the story was the same for all of them – what will the world look like in 50, 100, 200 years?

We just came back from Nuremberg, where we’ve been sharing stories for the past two weeks.
Premiere in September in Denmark.
Dir. Alex Byrne.
On stage actors of Barantz Aretoa Nordland Teater TaO! – Theater am Ortweinplatz Odsherred, New International Theater (NIE), Theater Mummpitz and of course TFK 🙂.

In Kraków, you can watch it at our festival “Hops and twists” (Polish: “Podskoki i wykręty”) �.
With support from Creative Europe