Little Big Theater

Teatr Figur Kraków tour in Lesser Poland. The main goal is not only to bring a good theatr shows to remote settlements, but also to support local liders in their strife to provide cultural offer for their neighbourhoods. Good theater should not be reserved for big cities.

The project targets children (age 3-8), teachers, and parents.
It will be executed in three stages: 1. meetings with local leaders, 2. workshops for teachers and culture animators,
3. shows bundled with thematic workshops. We will be touring 16 villages in Lesser Poland, where we give 16 spectacles and workshops, as well as 4 workshops for adults.

The enterprise is financially supported by Minister Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego, with funds from Fundusz Promocji Kultury.

logo of Accessible Culture programme. The square bracket on the left. The name of the programme in red and grey on the right.
logo of Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The name of the institution in red and gray, white background.