The winter stories

It all begins as usual — one december morning, Mr Feather gets a new wardrobe. Wait, actually — an old wardrobe, the one that noone else would like to buy. When Mr Feather put it in his house, he didn’t expected the great adventure that came next. A true friendship it is. Playing in the snow, decorating the christmas tree, celebrating the New Year, and fighting the flu — together. As you probably guessed already, that wardrobe was nothing like your ordinary piece of furniture. We don’t know her name, or where she came from. What we know tho, is she never gets tired, has the great sense of humor, and a bunch of new ideas every minute or so.

PREMIERA 7 November 2009 r.

direction: Ma­te­usz Przy­łęc­ki
cast: Ta­de­usz Dy­lawer­ski, Agniesz­ka Ko­lanow­ska