The Brothers of Northern Lights

We all are fond of fairy and folk tales, legends, and other stories full of magic.
“Brothers of the Northern Lights” is a concert, show based on little-known folk tales and legends of the Baltic countries such as: Poland, Lithuania, Lotva, Estonia, Finland.

Every and each folk-tale not only teaches us something, but also develops our imagination.
Our goal was to create an amazing show, which looks into old tales and legends to find about the shared ancestry, beliefs and traditions of inhabitants of the Baltic Sea region.
The show creates an opportunity for a viewer to learn about the differences as well as similarities between the Polish culture and the cultures of it’s northern neighbors.

The show is a very pleasant visual and musical experience, suited for children, whole families but also lovers of a good music, theatrical shows and unusual realizations.
It is a manifold, sophisticated show, with rich musical background, imagery; an ambient full of light, good vibe, with intricate meanings, and symbolism.

The amazing, choral tunes were created thanks toTeatr Chorea(Theater Chorea). The Theater authored many musical projects, including ones intended for children. Using just a human voices, a dozen of simple instruments and a looper, they make the whole stage vibrate with sound and life.

The concert consist of ten separate stories, sung in Polish and other languages of the Baltic Sea area—an unique and fascinating experience for a foreigner.

In parallel with music, the shadow theater techniques are used to tell the stories.
Multicolored, hypnotic images are created by actors of Teatr Figur Kraków, the only Polish professional shadow theater.
Their main tools are lights, shadows, and puppets.
TFK actors experiment with light sources, materials, polarization filters, color reflections and multiplied images creating breath-taking clips for the musical background.

The concert is a great opportunity for families to spend some quality time together.
Adults, parents, teachers, and pedagogues will be given the opportunity to get familiar with little known, or entirely forgotten folk and fairy tales.
It is the opportunity to see creative ways to adapt a literary piece for a song lyrics, or how to tell a story using unusual images and shadow techniques.

The production of the show was supported financially by “Stypendium Twórcze Miasta Krakowa”.

The project was financially supported by Województwo Małopolskie.

PREMIERA 21.11.2018 Festiwal Podskoki i Wykręty; Cricoteka

Original idea and composition: Tomasz Krzyżanowski

Director: Dagmara Żabska
Puppet-makers: Agnieszka Polańska, Beata Klimkowska
Singers: Joanna Chmielecka, Aleksandra Endzelm, Tomasz Krzyżanowski,
Justyna Sobieraj-Bednarek, Maciej Staniecki, Paula Tralewska

Animators: Piotr Idziak, Agnieszka Polańska, Mateusz Wróbel, Dagmara Żabska

Polish text: Zośka Papużanka

Latvian text: Viktorija Blumberga

Adaptation of the Latvian text based on „Egle Žalciu karaliene” poem: Gintaras Grajauskas
Consultation of the Finnish text based on „Kalevala” epic: Erik Soderblom