LUMINARIES In the Shadow of the Polish Avant Garde

Hear a whispered tale about an artist’s life while watching an intimate puppet show for just two people. Travel through the tunnel of shadows into a laboratory where you can wield your own lights and puppets, get inside a painting, or build your own city. Watch in wonder as dancers animate sculpture, puppeteers coax abstract art to life, and stories unfold into the light.

Luminaries is an international collaboration between Polish and American artists, puppeteers and performers from Teatr Figur Krakow (Krakow, Poland), Sandglass Theater (Vermont, US) and Portland locals Summer Olsson and Katie McClenahan.

Inspired by the Polish Avant Garde art movement, 1914-1939, this immersive theater performance uses images, shapes, colors, and ideas of the artists working during this period, to create something new and accessible. Audiences are invited to explore the work of Maria Jerema, Katarzyna Kobro, Wladyslaw Strzeminski, and others, in a broadly accessible way. Drawing on their extensive shadow puppetry experience, the creators of Luminaries bring joy and play to the artwork and stories from the past, and illuminate where we might go in the future.


Funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, within the scope of the Multiannual INDEPENDENT 2017-2021 Program, as part of the ‘Cultural
bridges’ subsidy program of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute

PREMIERA 7/27/18 at 7pm and 9pm; 7/28 at 2 pm and 7pm; 7/29 2pm and 7pm Shaking the Tree Theatre, Portland
Created and performed by:

Shoshana Bass, Piotr Idziak, Katie McClenahan, Summer Olsson, Agnieszka Polanska, and Dagmara Zabska.