I am The-whole-world, minus The-whole-world-without-me.

“I am The-whole-world, minus The-whole-world-without-me.” has a form of an art installation: a synthesis of the visual arts and theater.

This choice is dictated by the Themersons’ work itself: multi-faceted, defying any labels, focused on interaction with the audience.

The installation is composed of seven etiudes and shadow objects inspired with novels: “Professor Mmaa’s Lecture”, “Bayamus”, “The adventures of Peddy Bottom” and the various works of art.director

PREMIERA 29 listopada 2016, Kraków
Creative team

idea: Dag­ma­ra Żab­ska and Edyta Staj­niak

director: Dag­ma­ra Żab­ska

set designer: Edyta Staj­niak

music: To­masz Krzyżanow­ski

cast: Do­mi­nika Kacz­ma­rek, Ta­de­usz Dy­lawer­ski, Al­la Ma­slovskaya, Ma­te­usz Wróbel

production: Mar­ta Han­kus, Ewa Woźn­iak, Agniesz­ka Po­lańs­ka, An­drzej Pie­ty­ra