Teatr Figur Kraków

Teatr Figur Kraków is a touring puppet and shadow theatre. Its mission is to create original and unique spectacles and artistic events, to seek new forms of expression and to look for modernity in the traditional puppet techniques.

TFK performs in its city of origin—Kraków, as well as on different stages and at the most important puppet theatre festivals across the world.
During its ten years activity, TFK has staged 15 original shows, and has successfully (yes, awards!) participated in great many a theatre festivals in Taipei, Seoul, Leipzig, Washington, Moscow and so on.

We feel comfortable giving shows in the world’s biggest cultural centers—and we do not shy away from performing for a handful of kids in the smallest of villages in Poland and abroad.

So far we’ve been to Washington DC, Moscow, Bielsko-Biała, Okulice, Psary, Baghdad, Seoul, Podłęże, and Jerusalem—to name just a few.
Our plays has been translated into many languages—to date, our actors performed in English, Hebrew, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish and German.
And we have hours and hours of video (youtube, vimeo) to prove it!

TFK rich and varied repertoire consists of a number of performances adressed both to the adults and the children of various age:

And there is a new stuff coming up all the time.
Like, always.
Seriously, we work on new performances 24/7—it’s our job, life, passion—you name it.

The TFK team (mugshots below) is mainly interested in:

  • the shadow theatre techniques (I bet, we have a few tricks up our sleeves you have not seen before)
  • the theatre paedagogy (we have a ton of hands-on experience working with childrens and adults, and our workshops are plenty of fun)
  • the social art activism (you just have to see what we are able to achieve, to believe it)

TFK branch, called Centre for Theatrical Education, on regular basis holds theatrical workshops specifically tailored for little ones, youngsters and grown-ups.